Welcome to the National Fund for the Awareness of Violence Against Women and Children
The National Fund for the Awareness of Violence Against Women, Children also Homeless women/ men , NAVA FUND, Housing Program was founded in 2003 is a non profit public support Organization (501-c3)(509-a2) with the vision of creating solutions for home ownership to low income family who qualify and can  participate  in a  HUD program call, Housing choice voucher  program,, For more information Click on  resources, top on page,
  , Nava  assist through referral,,,  Social Service agencies.Non-profit  Organizations,
  NAVA goal is to strengthen families abilities to build self-confidence by  providing a solid foundation of home ownership.  NAVA is actively seeking funds from corporate America, the city of Baltimore and state of Maryland to allow NAVA  to reach its mission.

To purchase your paperback copy of The Bastard Child or kindle version go to Amazon.com or  CLICK HERE  .

For a audio book version or to LISTEN to a sample of the audio book  CLICK HERE.


To order a copy of CD  version of The Bastard Child for $6.00 plus shipping/handling -- call 410-807-6441 or send your request email to info@navafund.org
NAVA FUND is a Maryland corporation, 501 (C)(3) , 509 (A)(2) non profit public support organization  , IRS determination since May, 2008. 
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