Surviving in Bmore &

 The Bastard Child

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 I grew up poor, in a poor environment and in a poor educational system.

 Born into a broken family. I didn't let my environment or circumstance define me of who I'am or what i wanted to become in life, I learned at an early age that with determination I could overcome my fear and hunger. Thats why i wrote these books Surviving in Bmore and The Bastard Child to share with the world my life's journey and to inspire others that your strength is within you and with your determination you too can overcome any circumstances in your life no matter which country you live, No matter rich or poor we all have faced uncertainty  in our life.  My focus and determination today is to help others who want to help themselves to rise above their fears overcome any uncertainty in their life,You can show your support be apart of   NAVA's cause and mission just by, Buying anyone of these amazing exciting adventurous informative books of my life's journey, Surviving in Bmore and The Bastard Child overcoming adversity. In the books i will also share with you the secrets i think is very important in Real estate buying,to understand what is Acquisition,Bank portfolio, Managing and paying contractors,Which will help you to succeed. 

 God helps those who seek help .

NAVA's mission is to provide counseling and safe affordable housing by turning old communities into healthy ones for sexual assault victims and domestic violence victims. NAVA works with affiliated supportive organizations which offer services such as job training, psychological counseling, child care, social service programs, credit repair and financial management courses for today’s mothers and fathers who are committed to helping their families to live in a healthier environment.


Unlike most television crime shows, The Wire created by David Simon, was a fictional portrayal but neatly introduced Baltimore City to the world throughout an entire season.  A city of corruption, unsolved homicide and drug cases, a police department under a federal consent decree, and a city official caught with their hands in the cookie jar, leaving fewer funds for the citizens.  My reason for writing this book is to show the world that there are two sides to Baltimore City. One side is a real survivor story, and how he achieved his dreams and goals despite being faced with social stigmatization. As an individual you can still overcome adversity in any city in America. Most of us have been told by some authority or by a standard score that we were not intellectually gifted or smart enough to succeed. No matter the noise and the chatter around you keep your dream alive and keep your determination close to your heart. Baltimore City is just one of many urban cities in the United States with the same problem, only the characters are different.

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