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Innovation For: CHANGE

National Fund For The Awareness of Violence Against Women and Children


Who We Are?

The National Fund for the Awareness of Violence Against Women and Children NAVA was established in 2003 by Leroy Allen, a United States Army military Combat veteran, who experience domestic violence in his home as a small child. Even though his mother was gainfully employed, affordable housing was still a challenge. In honor of his mother Mr. Allen vows to provide housing services with self-help self-esteem programs to those who are committed to helping themselves and their families.

Our Mission

 Innovation for Change NAVA support self-help programs, self-esteem programs, and motivation towards home ownership. When purchasing NAVA own properties we contributes to their closing cost and down payment.  Great news! You can transfer/sell your property to NAVA, and receive some money. Our organization concentrates on assisting domestic violence and sexual assault victims along with disabled/homeless veterans. We give financial support  to affiliated supportive organizations which offer services such as job training, psychological counseling, childcare, social services programs, credit repair and financial management courses. We support those who are committed to living in a healthier environment.
Building Houses
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Helping Hands
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About Us

Raise Your Helping Hand to Bring Hope 
in Lives of Others

Our Causes

Kids Reading Outdoor


We are associated with child care centers that are designed to be a home away from home for children where they can learn, laugh, grow and have fun.  Their focus is on age appropriate activities.

Reading a Book


NAVA is with organizations that can provide comprehensive evaluations for ADHD, learning disabilities assessments, psychological evaluations and mental health screenings.

Doctor and Patient


We can refer families to programs that provide comprehensive support to families with serious health conditions.  Support comes in the form of group meetings, educational and therapeutic sessions and retreats.

Patent Preparation and Prosecution


If you are a victim of domestic violence, there are laws that can help you be safe. We will refer you to resources that will help you use these laws by providing a free attorney to represent you.

Job Interview


We offer parents services designed to improve their quality of life with job training along with job placement to build a better life providing a solid foundation.

Our Causes
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Our Vision

My vision is to reach out and to assist every  family across America who is facing  difficulty with family issues under siege by the city-state or federal government. Nava is a American public support organization that has an internal revenue code 509 A2 to support families with alternatives toward Homeownership, NavaFund healthy neighborhood initiative program is here for all new property owners wanting to make a difference in their lives turning a impossible into possibilities giving  you  self-esteem self-respect.
Residential Apartment Building

Benefits of Transferring or Selling Your Real Estate to a Non-Profit


 If you are in the USA and at risk of losing a home due to a complicated deed, unpaid property taxes, penalties, water bills, and/or civil liens?  you can transfer/sell your property to Nava Fund and receive a fair offer.
Closing the transaction will take place through a title company or an attorney's office. A title search will be performed so that all the necessary paperwork will be properly prepared for the completion of the transfer.  You will be responsible for paying all outstanding waters bills, real estate taxes and any property liens. NAVA will pay for an appraisal, a title search and  the cost all death certificates relating to the property. There are many factors involved in the transferring process.
Advantages of transferring or selling your real estate to NAVA are avoiding a brokerage fee, not being rejected by a real estate agent, and the property is transferred AS-IS. In some cases transfer of the property could result in a tax deduction. All outstanding bills will be paid at the time of settlement. The balance of all proceeds will be paid at closing.

  Housing Initiative Program

                           True success Story

Ali J. was a victim of domestic violence and was determined to make a better life for her and her two children. She worked two jobs because she wanted to change her circumstances and place her family in a healthier neighborhood. With her tax refund and help from various grants and the assistance of NAVA she was able to purchase her first home from NAVA.

We assisted this home buyer towards her closing cost and adjusting the price so that this single mother of two could become a homeowner. The property was purchased from HUD for the purpose of selling to a first-time homebuyer. We focus on properties that are nuisances in the community which bring down property values. Our organization feels that to make a difference in any neighborhood it must start with house-by-house, block-by-block, job training and job placements in the community.

You have the Power to Bring Happiness


         The founder tells his story 
Surviving In B-more
The Bastard Child
Fundraising Inspirational Books

May you find my story an inspiration to reach your light at the end of the tunnel, and shine to your brightest and your full potential.

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All proceeds from the sale of the books go to support NAVA’s mission. We use the funds to contribute towards a buyer’s down payment and closing cost. Our fund-raising program, Urban Talk America, is to promote the sale our books.

Unlike most television crime shows, The Wire, created by David Simon,was a fictional portrayal but neatly introduced Baltimore City, an urban America City to the world throughout an entire season. A city of corruption, unsolved homicide and drug cases, a police department under a federal consent decree, and a city official caught with her hands in the cookie jar, leaving fewer funds for the citizens. My reason for writing this book is to tell the world that there are two sides to every story. My side is a real survivor story of a black man living in urban America and how I achieved my goals despite being face with adversity and social stigmatization
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